You call it a hit. We call it Progress.

August 14, 2016

We’ve been your biggest fan since you stepped on the tee-ball field. We remember the awkwardness of you holding the bat, and the tee spilling over as you tried to hit the baseball.  We cheered hard for you and we understood all the pressures you felt. But the reality was, …read more

It’s about your child, not you

August 13, 2016

Many of us have shuttle our kids around to youth baseball for most of their young lives. It’s not like when we were kids. When we were kids, we got to the field by bike, our mitt hung from the handle bars and the coach had the helmets and bats …read more

The Boy Who Was Called “Uncoachable”

May 5, 2016 11 Comments

Lately there have been lots of posts about player/coach/parent conflicts. Questions about lack of fairness in playing time, kids and parents who feel entitled to special treatment, parents who worry that the coach has “written their player off,” and so on, and so on…. Lots of times when we read …read more

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