Even the Pros make Mistakes

January 12, 2017 1 Comment

The youth baseball culture has turned drastically different from when I was a kid. A lot of coaches now want that ‘automatic’ team, 12 ‘studs’ at 12 years old to win a meaningless championship. And, if one of those kids makes an error, strikes out, misses a sign, forget it… …read more

The ‘Growing Years’

November 2, 2016

Stay focused on the goal. That’s always been my rule of thumb as a coach speaking to his players. Over the years, I’ve coached youth baseball and witnessed a whole variety of different coaching styles. I love some, I can’t stand others. For me, it’s just about motivation, not humiliation, …read more

Your Biggest Mistake Was Passing on My Kid

October 28, 2016

Back by popular demand, here is Rob Monaco’s piece that was posted earlier today. After he started receiving threats from strangers who didn’t quite appreciate his point of view, we removed it. Within a few minutes, we started getting messages, (LOTS OF THEM) from those of you who loved the …read more

Respect & Understanding this Game

October 26, 2016

The game of baseball is not just about grabbing a bat, going up to hit and having no regard for the rules. It’s not about homers and mocking the opponent, yelling at the umpire and showing up whenever you want. Besides the work you need to put in, baseball is …read more

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