12 Father’s Day Gifts that Travel Baseball Dads Will Love

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If you’ve just realized that Father’s Day is right around the corner and you’re at a loss as to what to get that special guy, we’re here to to help! ….As long as the dad in your life is a baseball fan.

If not, then this probably won’t help you at all. And why the heck are you hanging around him in the first place, if he doesn’t like baseball?

Anyway, here’s a collection of gifts that the travel ball dad in your life is sure to love…as well as some strange baseball themed items we couldn’t resist including.

See the perfect gift below? Just click the link and you’ll magically be transported to a site you can order it from.

Baseball Bat Tie

For those of you who insist on giving Dad a tie every year in spite of the fact that he never wears them, here’s an awesome baseball themed one from everythingbaseball.com to add to his collection. It’s actually quite hip looking. If you nag him enough, maybe he’ll wear it to the ballpark. All the other dads will be wearing theirs.


Click here to order.

Dad Art

We LOVE this DAD word art sign found on Etsy, made by www.WordArtByChristini.com. It’s unique, bold and a great wall hanging for the man cave. You’ll probably like this one all the more if you’re a Detroit Tigers fan, but Christini offers lots of other themes in her Etsy store.

dad themed art

Click here to order. 

O2 Cool Portable Fan

Any travel ball dad who lives south of the Arctic Circle needs a good, portable, battery-powered fan. Because, as we all know, there’s normal summertime hot and then there’s “OH MY GOSH! IT’S A THOUSAND DEGREES OUT HERE AND WE’RE STUCK AT THE BALLPARK FOR SIX MORE HOURS!” hot.

That’s why we recommend the O2 Cool fan. It’s perfect for cooling Dad off after one of his many altercations with the coaches and umpires. (Also great for moms who suffer from hot flashes.)


Click here to order.

Baseball Dad Wisdom T-Shirt

What a great gift for the dad who has truly “seen it all, heard it all and paid for it all.” Etsy vendor TableTopsandTiaras designs these t-shirts to your custom specifications.


Order here. 

The Matheny Manifesto

#1 Bestselling memoir, The Matheny Manifesto isn’t just another book on parenting athletes. It’s a must-read for parents, coaches, teachers…anyone who plays a leadership role in the life of a kid. Written by St. Louis Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny, there are so many important life lessons packed into the pages. It’s also available in audio version for dads who are always on the go or refuse to anything longer than a receipt.


Click here to order from Amazon.

Granite Ball and Bat

Dads who enjoy spending money on ridiculous extravagance…or who accidentally break bats all the time, will appreciate a bat and ball set made of solid granite. While we’re not sure if it’s legal for tournament play, it certainly does make a statement. (We’re not exactly sure what that statement is either. If you know, please tell us.)


Click here to order from Everything Baseball. 

Relief Pitcher Tee

Celebrate Dad’s love of beer in a classy and pun-filled way with this Relief Pitcher t-shirt from allposters.com. (While it’s funny and clever, it might send your young ballplayer mixed messages. Enjoy responsibly.)


Click here to order. 

Baseball Soap

If Dad has been so busy with travel ball that he hasn’t showered in a couple weeks, then we have the perfect gift for him (and anyone who has to share space with him). This baseball themed, ozone mist scented soap will allow him to still focus on the game, even while he calls timeout to shower.


Click here to order. 

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

Nothing makes a day at the ballpark more comfortable than the right chair. And we think we’ve found it with this lightweight, portable rocking chair. The rocking motion offers a productive way to relieve anxiety when Junior takes the mound for the first time.


Click here to order. 

Baseball Dad Key Chain

From Etsy vendor Symbolic Reflections, comes this handmade, aluminum stamped, personalized key chain. Every dad who has a set of keys could use one.

dad keychain

Click here to order.

Toiletries Bag

One thing travel ball dads tend to do a lot of…. No, not drinking. Traveling!!! Give Dad a fun, baseball themed toiletry caddy for those overnight trips to out of town tournaments.


Order here. 

For parents who’ve been warned repeatedly about shouting threats at coaches and umpires, this gift offers successful behavior modification therapy. Role playing with hand puppets will enable the travel ball man in your life to practice constructive and unoffensive confrontation methods with baseball officials before blowing his top and potentially winding up in jail…again. (Order extra puppets to represent other problem parents.)

roy halladay

Order here. 

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