What’s YOUR One Memory that Makes Baseball the Greatest Game on Earth?


When I was a kid, my mom would always tell me about sitting with her father in front of their black and white TV, watching “The Greatest Hitter of All Time,” Ted Williams lead the Red Sox to numerous victories.

“He never talked much during the games, but it was our time together. My dad and I might not have had much in common, but we had the Red Sox.”

A few decades later, my kids feign interest as I passionately describe Sid Bream’s breath-taking slide into home plate to defeat the Pirates in Game Seven of the NLCS. In my opinion, it’s by far the greatest moment in Braves history, (if not baseball history). I’ll never forget my whole family jumping up and down, screaming in our living room as Skip Caray chanted “BRAVES WIN! BRAVES WIN! BRAVES WIN!!!”

(If you’ve never seen it, the video below is a must-watch.)

My husband James, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves to tell about attending the sixth and final game of the 1974 World Series when he was nine years old.

“When the A’s beat the Dodgers, we all ran down onto the field, screaming and partying like crazy. I ripped some turf out of the third base line, took it home and planted it in our backyard.”

(Sadly, there’s no YouTube video of kids running out onto the field in Oakland after the 1974 World Series.)

I ask my 14-year-old, Andrew what his biggest baseball fan moment is. (I have to ask because he isn’t a parent with the need to share these memories with his kids.)

“It would definitely be Derek Jeter’s last MLB at bat. Ending such a great career with a walk-off hit was a total Jeter thing to do. He’s like known to be an opposite field hitter. And that’s just what he did.”

My nine-year-old Jack jumps into the conversation saying “Don’t forget about Travis Ishikawa’s walk-off home run to win the World Series for the Giants last year.”

The only thing better than these MLB memories are all the great moments we parents get to have at ball fields all over the country, watching our kids making their own memories as players of America’s pastime.

Most of our kids will never make the majors. But that doesn’t matter. Whether they’re playing travel ball, rec league or Little League, it’s the fun, the togetherness, the friendships, the teamwork, the victories and character building that make baseball the greatest game on earth, played in the greatest country on earth.

Now we want to know what your best baseball memory is. Share with us in the comments.

Photo, courtesy of Dudley Little League.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone.

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