33 New Year’s Resolutions from Real-Life Travel Ball Parents

DISCLAIMER: The following resolutions were shared by real travel ball parents across the U.S. They’re a mixture of serious, funny, sarcastic, sincere and motivational. But mainly they’re lighthearted thoughts we can all relate to. If you read one that you don’t agree with or, Heaven forbid, find offensive, please don’t comment on how offended you are and expect us to grovel and apologize for not being sensitive enough. We already know that many people don’t make resolutions. Please don’t lecture us on why resolutions don’t work and you don’t waste your time with them.

Happy 2016 to all you travel ball families out there. Whether you’re counting down the days until baseball/softball season starts back up or you haven’t had a break from tournaments, no doubt your kids’ practices and games are on your mind to some extent. As parents, there are always things we want to improve on; and the start of a new year, with its opportunity for resolutions, is the perfect time to tackle those changes.

Here are a few 2016 sports parent resolutions. Let’s see how many you can relate to.

From moms…


  1. “To not get thrown out of a game by an umpire this year.” – Donna J.
  2. “I resolve to not buying/looking/considering white pants for our upcoming Spring Season regardless of how nice it matches our jerseys!!! Lol” – Marci M.
  3. “To pack the cooler correctly. (Drinks go in before ice. lol)” – Tracy D.
  4. “To try not to spend so much money.” – Kristen S.
  5. “I will not forget to get the cleats out of the car in July when it’s 100 outside. I will not shake the fence and yell coaching helpful hints.”- Joy B.
  6. “To communicate and coordinate game attendance better with my ex husband (so that the police don’t get called as much.) jk” – Sandy R.
  7. “To hire a team nanny so we can actually watch the games instead of chasing younger siblings.” – Angie W. (Editor’s Note:Now that’s a great idea! Why haven’t we thought of this before?)
  8. “To not act so crazy at games.” – Dawn F.
  9. “I resolve to take more pictures and “advise” less.”-Sabrina S.
  10. “To try and ignore all the drama-filled parents.” – Kim S.
  11. “Just have fun and find new ways to stay dry.” – Lisa B.
  12. “I am going to be Mother Theresa of the baseball mom world! I will respect the umpires’ lack of judgement and whole heartily support my child’s coaches!” – Jenny A. (Amen!)
  13. “To try not to lose any friends over baseball drama.” – Ashley H.
  14. “I resolve to be nicer to the umpires this year. NOT! I will resolve to try to do better with the idiots that we have around here. And we pay them to do it. I will say that they have a hard job and can’t see everything. I will try real hard not to make comments like ‘Here is a 100.00 buy your self a new pair of glasses.’ See, I keep that hundred dollar bill on me every game because I believe in my son. He WILL hit one over this year and when he does, I will present that to him when he crosses home plate!”-Debbie C.
  15. “To not yell ‘CALL IT!’ every time a fly ball is hit.” – Donna J.
  16. “Just relax and enjoy the games-not get so worked up.” – Tina L.
  17. “Try hard not to judge other moms on the team, even though I want to smack them.” – Laura D.
  18. “Always look for a positive when my son asks me how he did that day.” – Jennifer B.
  19. “For every player to play safe.” – Bonnie K.
  20. “Make my son regularly clean out Water, Gatorade and Powerade bottles out of his bat bag.”- Chanda P.
  21. “I am going to keep my mouth shut over poor calls. Well, probably not!!”- Paulette O.
  22. “My husband’s is to NOT yell at the umpire!! Mine is too encourage him NOT to!!” – Jasmine W.

And a few from the dads…

    1. “To not wear anything to the ballpark that isn’t first approved by my wife.” James D.
    2. “Try not to let my temper embarrass my kid.” – Jeff C.
    3. “I resolve to not want to win more than my son does.” – David M.
    4. “Try not to turn playing catch with my kid into a lesson every time. Just play catch for the fun of it sometimes.” Brandon F.
    5. “Try to see things from the coach’s point of view instead of assuming that he’s an idiot.” – Stephen P.
    6. “Back off from coaching for a while.” – Jason Y.
    7. “To watch my granddaughter play as much softball as possible!” – Larry M.
    8. “To not coach my son’s team.” – Anthony G.
    9. “To only discuss performance if HE comes to me and asks what I think. And even so, NEVER right after a game.”-Christopher G.
    10. “Try not to assume that I know what my son wants or should want from the game. To listen to him more.” – John A.

Any resolutions or thoughts you’d like to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  • January 1, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    To make sure that I always have umbrellas, pop tent, and sleeping bag in the car. In Chicago it could go from 20 degrees to 100 within the same weekend…


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